Budget-friendly automation is key to streamlining business costs, says AM 18

In light of current economic uncertainty in the run-up to Brexit, data insights consultancy AM 18 says businesses can take the steps needed to streamline their business processes without having to rely on expensive automation platforms.

Automation has been big news in the business world for some time, with many businesses turning to automation software to help mine valuable data insights using tools such as customer feedback forms and questionnaires. However, many of these automated services quickly eat up budgets and creep into the bottom line due to soaring software costs.

Data insights consultancy, AM 18 says businesses looking to streamline costs should look closer to home and try Microsoft Excel instead. Managing Director, Amar Majhu explains, “As most companies already have the software licence for Excel, it’s a low cost way to achieve these very same insights at a fraction of the cost.”

With a little Excel software know-how, AM 18 can help transform the automation process in many operational areas and save companies time and money without the need to purchase automation software packages.

AM 18 helps companies to harness the power of Microsoft Excel with their cost-effective range of services. It uses the popular desktop tool to help clients understand their data better by performing tailored business analysis, capturing the right insights and then monetising the information in order to make informed business decisions on products, services and improve customer satisfaction.

Using their skills in Microsoft Excel, the insights experts at AM 18 can not only uncover vital data analysis opportunities but can also train staff to use the automation tools offered in Excel to mine data from current clients and customers.

“We’ve been overwhelmed by the rising costs of automation software that many companies are needlessly turning to for their automated data collection and analysis needs,” adds Amar. “As Excel experts, we are urging businesses looking to streamline their processes and reduce their annual spend on automation to get in touch to discover how Excel can offer the same results at a fraction of the price.”

AM 18 can also create bespoke data collection and reporting tools to completely remove the need for expensive automation software.

To find out more about the range of consultancy and Excel services available from AM 18, visit https://www.am18.co.uk/


AM 18 was founded by entrepreneur Amar Majhu. It specialises in Excel training, data analysis and business reporting consultancy services.

Through analysis and automation, AM 18 work together with businesses throughout the UK to identify gaps in their current data, improve productivity, nurture growth and increase customer satisfaction.

Specialising in airline, hospitality, retail and any industry where exemplary customer service is the expectation, AM 18 is able to help untangle, analyse and optimise data in order to allow their clients to make informed business decisions.

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