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Our Data Analysis & Excel Services

Data, by its nature, is unique to you. Which means that everything we do is customised to your needs. Whatever industry you’re in. However, you could say our Excel consultancy and design services fall into three broad categories.
Excel Specialist

Data Capture

So here’s the science. The performance of your business depends on a lot of measurable factors called metrics. Some are obvious – you’ll know about them already – others are more obscure. We’ll help you to pinpoint and capture this data in a quick, effective way. It might mean improving your current system, or creating new capture methods like feedback forms and surveys.

Data Analysis Consultancy

Data Analysis

You’re pretty great. But how do you know if you could be better? More efficient. More productive. We’ll show you. We’ll look at the key activities of your organisation and find ways to perfect your workflow. We’ll present our recommendations in fully-evidenced reports. We’ll guide you to set in motion sustainable changes that gel with your business goal.

We can help you with:

  • Solving your data problems
  • Daily process automation
  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Transforming data into powerful information
  • Identify trend analysis to improve performance
  • Custom-built interactive reporting
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Excel & Sheets training

Spreadsheets are a thing of beauty. It’s a minority view. But it’s totally true. They collate and update vital metrics, giving you endless insights. They create clarity from complexity. Crafted property, spreadsheets can become vital tools to record and assess the performance of your organization. If you haven’t already guessed, we, the leading excel specialist in the UK excel with Excel and offer a whole range of related services including:

  • Microsoft Excel/Google Sheets design and overhaul
  • Excel task automation
  • Trend analysis: KPI dashboards, PivotTables, charts & graphs
  • Deep dive data analysis

Chart Your Success

Interrogate your data