AM 18 Services

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Excel Spreadsheets

We offer professional Excel services and solutions to SMBs and enterprises around the world! This includes:

  • Design or overhaul Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and Google Sheets.
  • Excel task automatisation: Automate repetitive tasks using Excel formulas & macros (VBA).
  • Trend analysis: Creation of KPI dashboards, PivotTables, Pivot-Charts, charts and graphs.
  • Provide insights by performing deep dive data analysis.
  • Anything else related to Excel, data and insights giving you improvements in your daily spreadsheets tasks.
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Data Capturing

The key to obtaining good data is to develop a good structured process. We help you determine which standard business metrics should be measured, as well as the unique metrics that will help to give you a leading edge. Then we implement a plan for how to capture this data in a convenient and timely manner.

  • We can advise and improve how you capture data to measure KPIs.
  • We can create, review, improve your internal or external feedback forms, surveys, and questionnaires.
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Business Analysis Activities

We will measure your organisation’s efficiency by identifying the essential activities required to support your business model, and optimise your workflow and technology. We will make recommendations and help implement the change management process required to create sustainable organisational plans. Each of our plans is forward-thinking, designed to support your current goals and set the foundation for your evolving needs. We create organisational solutions for:

  • Requirements gathering.
  • Prepare Wireframes.
  • Creation of functional specification documents and user stories.
  • Validate the functionality of the end product.

Let Us Identify Your Untapped Opportunities

Gain a competitive edge by leveraging data to achieve powerful new business insights. Analysis and data reporting can identify these untapped opportunities, refining your edge in the industry. Request a consultation today!