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Data diving could be a saving grace for firms frustrated by Brexit uncertainty says top consultancy

In light of current economic uncertainty in the run-up to Brexit, data insights consultancy AM 18 is urging businesses to mine vital data knowledge to help them identify consumer trends and create sustainable business plans for the future.

With businesses unaware of exactly how the UK leaving the EU at the end of March this year will affect them, data is an incredibly valuable commodity – perhaps more so now than ever before. Having access to and the ability to analyse and assess the current company landscape when it comes to sales, customer behaviours and customer feedback will be critical to helping business leaders move quickly when faced with changes in the economy or in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

Many businesses already gather this data as part of their current processes, but sadly do not have the time or knowledge to transform this information into insightful, actionable reports.

With new threats and opportunities just on the horizon, having this information to hand can mean the difference between success or failure in light of Brexit. AM 18 is encouraging UK companies looking to safeguard their business to look at what data they already have, how they access it and what further steps they need to leverage its learnings to initiate contingency plans.

Empowered by data, businesses can plot a course of action and run a range of models for a wide range of scenarios. Decisions can then be grounded in real figures rather than made as a knee jerk reaction that could prove to be costly further down the line.

AM 18 assists companies to harness the power of their data with a cost-effective range of services. Its role is to help firms understand their information better by performing tailored business analysis, capturing the right insights and deploying this information in order to make informed business decisions now, and for the future.

Using their skills in data management and analysis, AM 18’s data services can not only uncover trends, threats and opportunities but also highlight areas for process improvement before the Brexit deadline.

Managing Director Amar Majhu said, “Demand for our services has never been higher as data is the one thing that leaders can rely on when all around there is uncertainty. An inability to plan has been cited by many businesses and industries as being one of the most frustrating and costly impacts of Brexit to date and we have seen that first hand in things like the manufacturing industry. We help UK organisations prepare for several Brexit outcomes by helping them to mine critical data insights. As business reporting experts, we understand the value of this data and how to transform those patterns and numbers into something useful.”

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AM 18 specialises in Excel training, data analysis and business reporting services.

Through analysis and automation, AM 18 works with businesses throughout the UK to identify gaps in their current data, improve productivity, nurture growth and increase customer satisfaction.

Specialising in airline, hospitality, retail and any industry where exemplary customer service is the expectation, AM 18 is able to help untangle, analyse and optimise data in order to allow their clients to make informed business decisions.

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