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The world now is always on the move. On average, people from the UK spend nearly 10 nights per year out on business trips or vacation.

What happens when you need to access and edit data while on the road? You can’t lug around a heavy desktop, and laptops are clunky too.

Fortunately, you can now use the iOS and Android Excel app instead. It provides all the power and function of the desktop version but now in mobile form.

Not used to the UI or capabilities yet? Let us give you a quick head start. Here are five tips to help you get the most out of Excel on a phone:

Long Press Accessibility

You don’t have a mouse and keyboard, but you can still do everything a normal right-click option can. For the Android Excel app, simply tap the cell you want to work on and then long press it to open up a multitude of options.

This menu allows you to clear data, access formulae, and format the cell.

Sharing Data

Sharing an Excel file isn’t difficult for Android users: the file menu has a quick export and share button. Simply tap on it and choose the options to share the spreadsheet file via messaging apps, email, or Google Drive. Android users can access shared Excel files with no hiccup.

For iOS users trying to open a shared Excel file sent via email, you need to tap the options button at the bottom of the email. This lets you select the “open with” option and then pick the appropriate app, like Excel for iOS, to download and open the file.

One Tap Charts

Your business likely needs to use charts regularly. You may need charts to monitor sales, website visits, or expenditure. Fortunately, Excel on Android and iOS devices allow you to make and insert charts with a single tap.

Simply select the cell you want to insert the chart in or the cells with all the data you need. Long press on the selected area and tap “insert chart.”

That’s all it takes. You can further edit the data and the chart’s presentation almost exactly as if you were on a desktop computer.

Pictures From Camera

Did you know you can take a photo from your phone’s camera and insert it into a cell without leaving the app? Smartphones have powerful cameras nowadays, and it’s crucial to take advantage of this technology whenever you want to present visual data in your spreadsheet files.

The great thing with MS Excel for Android and iOS is that you can take photos directly and insert them into a cell without leaving the app. Select the cell you want, hold, and then choose “Select.” You can then select “camera” and take a photo.

Once you’ve taken the shot, it’ll automatically insert into the cell.

Every Function Now Available

Excel is the prime spreadsheet of choice for businesses because of its robust library of formulae, like computing for SUMIF or AVERAGE. Fortunately, all of these are available on the mobile app version.

Select the appropriate cell, tap on “fx”, and pick the type of formula you need. The next steps depend on the type of formula you choose, but it mostly boils down to selecting the cells you need.

Take Advantage of the iOS and Android Excel App Now!

Using the iOS and Android Excel app is intuitive and accessible for any student or business professional. Yes, the UI isn’t the same as the desktop version, but the app manages to include everything on a small, mobile screen.

That said, it can still get a bit tricky. If you need more tips or are in need of professional help, feel free to get in touch. We’re here to provide the best data insights in town!

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