If you only use Excel for lists and simple calculations, you’re missing some of the more impressive ways it helps you and your business.

Excel organises data, shows information graphically, works across devices, and forecasts potential growth. It’s not “just” a spreadsheet.

While the benefits of using Excel for business are many, not everyone is savvy enough to use it to its full potential. And you might not want to learn it for yourself.

That’s where Excel consultants come in. Use a consultant to build Excel for you and reap the benefits of the tool without the headache of doing it yourself.

Here are the top 10 benefits of hiring an Excel consultant.

1. Customisation

When using an Excel consultant, start with your goals.

Your business is unique, and your goals are your own. No matter how you use Excel, have your consultant customise formulas and calculations to produce the information that is most important to you and your business success.

Excel comes with standard formulas for ease of use. But there’s no need to put your business in a “standard formula” box.

Consultants know how to dig deeper into Excel’s capabilities. This provides you with the most valuable information “under the hood” of your numbers.

2. Interpretation

Not only does Excel run the numbers, your consultant is an expert in compiling the information you need to understand your business numbers.

Whether it’s profit vs. loss, employee hours vs. profitability, or other metrics to track your business success, an Excel consultant’s programs work in a way you understand.

This helps you compile, analyse, and extract the information you need.

3. Create Dashboards

How can you use numbers and data if it doesn’t make sense to you?

Don’t get bogged down in the numbers. Visualise it.

An Excel expert designs customised dashboards to help you see your data in the way that you need.

Visualising trends and forecasts helps you understand your current performance and look ahead to your future.

4. Automate Routine Tasks

Efficiency is critical to a successful business. Don’t waste valuable hours on mundane “busy work” tasks. Put that time toward money-making tasks.

Use Excel to automate routine spreadsheet functions. Use your Excel consultant for combining spreadsheets or manual tasks into a workbook that performs multiple functions for you.

5. Troubleshooting

When using Excel, nothing is more frustrating than finding a broken formula. It’s usually an error in a cell linked to other cells and spreadsheets.

Even worse, an error in a formula gives you an incorrect calculation. Forecasting or analyzing performance based on bad formulas costs time and money.

How much time do you waste trying to find the cell with an error?

Don’t risk your business with errors in your worksheets. Excel consultants quickly troubleshoot an issue in a formula or a spreadsheet.

6. Save Time

As your business grows, some of the “do-it-yourself” tasks won’t be a priority for you. But these tasks are still critical to your business growth.

You might figure out a spreadsheet that works for you in the beginning. But, you need to take your analysis to the next level.

Don’t spend the time messing with a spreadsheet. Offload it as freelance Excel work and free yourself to focus on the money-making parts of your business.

7. Save Money

A robust Excel spreadsheet analyses your business and helps you see where you lose money.

Whether it’s accounting, inventory management, or employee productivity, use a consultant to build a workbook that shows profit and loss in real time.

The expense of hiring an Excel expert saves money long-term. What they can do in a few hours will benefit your business more than doing it yourself.

When you can see your numbers in a well-built spreadsheet and interactive dashboard, you’ll see where improvements help grow your business.

8. Eliminate More Software

If you could use one software to do more than one thing, would you invest in making that one software serve your needs?

When using Excel for more functions, there is no need for additional software. Streamline processes with Excel.

Brainstorm with your Excel consultant before considering new software. Excel has more uses than you might think, including creating mock-ups, planning office seating, and project management.

And if you need a distraction or team building exercise, try some of these more unique uses for Excel.

9. Microsoft Certified

This might seem like an unnecessary benefit but a Microsoft Certified consultant takes the time to learn everything about Excel and become certified in other Microsoft products.

They work directly with Microsoft. They understand how Excel integrates with your other office software and how to use Excel on multiple platforms and devices.

Choose a certified consultant to get more than “just” spreadsheets. You’ll get an Excel partner to help you use the tool to it’s fullest potential.

10. Macro Your Business Results

We’ve covered many ways Excel boosts your business potential. One of the best tools within Excel is the Macro.

Most casual Excel users don’t use Macros. Simple calculations and links do what they need.

But the Macro in Excel is the key to many of the benefits above. Automation, interpreting data and generating reports become a routine part of your business processes with Macros.

Using Macros requires a level of coding understanding that most people don’t have or want.

Hire an Excel consultant to build Macros into your Excel workbooks and take your business to the next level.

An Excel Consultant Benefits You

Put cost concerns aside when considering an Excel consultant. The minimal expense of hiring someone for Excel programming is far less than the cost of inefficiencies over time.

We offer Excel services to business. These services include overhauling your current worksheets and helping you get more out of this powerful business tool.

Contact us now for a free consultation.

We enjoy opportunities to learn of your business needs and your Excel woes. We look forward to providing solutions to move your business forward.

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