How to Improve Data Entry with Excel Automation

Improving productivity is one of the most common goals companies have.  Excel automation can achieve this.

“How can we improve ourselves in the office so that we utilise our time more efficiently?”

Many companies cannot afford to hire a new employee every time a new client comes on board and their current employees are already working like crazy. So how can we improve productivity?

One great way is by automating some of your daily processes by using Excel. Excel automation will complete any data entry project within minutes and because most companies already having the Microsoft Suite service, it will cost £0 ($0).

It can save valuable time and relieve your employees from doing the boring, repetitive data entry tasks or learning extensive coding.

Microsoft Excel is the most commonly used spreadsheet and is highly valued in the tech world.

Not convinced that Excel spreadsheets will save you time and money? Here are 9 Excel tasks that you can do automatically to help improve data entry and company efficiency.

You Can Merge Outside Data with Excel

Many companies have several different data spreadsheets that hold specific information. For example, one spreadsheet will have products sold in certain countries, one will have customers birthdays, and another may hold the information about the ingredients in each product.

You specifically chose the spreadsheet you use based on the format you wanted your information in. Guess what? You can hold all of this information with Microsoft Excel.

You can merge all of your data into this software and filter it to your liking. There are no limits to what information you can merge, so start experimenting!

You Can Generate Reports

Many employers generate reports for their clients or for their own company. This can tell them a number of things like: How many customers does the client have on average? How many employees are clocking in on time? Has company profits increased or decreased in the past 6 months?

Creating these reports are simple with Microsoft Excel. You can add filters that sort the data immediately into alphabetic order, geographical location order, or even by the last name.

These additional features add value to the analysis of company data ultimately increasing productivity and potential success.


Ever play the “what-if” scenario?

Many companies research additional ways to cut production costs or increase monthly business productions by comparing their companies costs to others in the same industry. Although this may be a great way to compare where your company stands against the competition, it is not the best research method for internal growth.

Especially when looking at cost projections for the following year, Excel automation can store and calculate the data for you. The calculations can be stored in separate workbooks (a collection of spreadsheets accessed through a single file).

When you enter your yearly goals, Excel can project how much you need to cut, add, or replace in order to reach those goals. Stop comparing your prices to other companies and start analysing your own numbers.

Templates, Templates, Templates

Do you have any idea how to format all of the information you have been given from the sales team? Excel has a template you can use.

No matter if it is for an internal use, or as an Excel file you want to upload into a database (many retail companies use this feature for their website backend), a template is held in the Excel software to help eliminate stress and confusion.


Data entry is very hard to analyse when it is just a list of numbers. Excel has filtering features which we have discussed, but what about those companies who thrive off of visuals?

Highlight your data and insert a chart or graph. Excel can use formulas and lists of data to calculate trends and show company growth in a matter of seconds.

Whether you enjoy using pie charts, line graphs, or bar graphs, you can be adding more meaning to the numbers that can change the way management looks at the success of the company.

Can Hold Thousands of Lines of Data

Higher volumes of data can be reported on a schedule as well and downloaded automatically through Microsoft Excel. There are no size restrictions on this spreadsheet.

When you are sifting through pools of data, it is easy to make mistakes. Entering the incorrect prices, doing the mathematical calculations incorrectly, or even copying and pasting data into a separate platform because the one you were originally using couldn’t hold all of your data.

Thankfully, Microsoft Excel has enough space for all of your information so you do not have to worry about losing any data.

Change a Manual Process to an Automatic Process

Nothing is more satisfying than having a manual process become automatic. This saves time, money, and ultimate company satisfaction. (No one wants to do data entry for the rest of their life).

That is what’s great about utilising Microsoft Excel for your everyday data entry. An 8 hour work day doesn’t have to be spent copying and pasting data into a backend. Excel makes the integration take minutes.

Automated Reports

With only so many hours in the day, it can be hard to remember to review the numbers of last months promotions. We have all been there.

Don’t let yourself get caught in a tough spot and use Excel automation to generate automatic reports. Not a lot of people know about this feature, but after today you will.

For high volumes, you can automatically generate reports on a schedule, or even set up a self-serve download service where anyone can generate a report on demand.

24-hour Access

This may not seem like a big seller, but it really is. Data entry may not be the most exciting topic, but without the right spreadsheet to hold company data, there would be no organisation.

Excel is available online. If there is a problem with a number on the website and the employee who has the Excel sheet is gone for the day, you can log in online on your mobile device to make the edit.

Make your data entry remote and implement this strategy today.

Try Excel Automation Today

Excel automation brings countless automation possibilities. As shared above, it can generate reports, make manual processes automatic, and ultimately improve company efficiency.

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